Red Carpet Rivals: a novel


Red Carpet Rivals is to the movies what
The Devil Wears Prada is to fashion.”

                                                      – Mickey Goodman, author/journalist


The action in Red Carpet Rivals swirls around the glamour and chaos of the most celebrated movie awards ceremony. The savvy, sexy, and funny novel provides an inside scoop about the studios and the stars in Hollywood from the 1980s to the present.

Preston “Coop” Cooper and Sirena Jackson, an estranged superstar couple, are nominated for their leading roles in the steamy movie based on a novel by Jack London.

Francine Darten, a publicist for star clients, wants to handle Coop in public and in private.

Charlie Wallach, an ambitious female studio marketing executive, hopes shatter the management glass ceiling at Silverlake Pictures.

The cast of characters jockeys for position on Hollywood’s rocky road to success. Secrets are revealed about their relationships, health, blind ambition, and sexual harassment.

A work of fiction, Red Carpet Rivals reveals the “reel” story about Hollywood awards.

Best Novel NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award
Best Novel Beverly Hills Book Award